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One of the most versatile but often overlooked pieces of clothing for children and teenagers, shorts are great for the summertime, wearing around the house or for use as bedclothes on warmer evenings. If you need to buy boys shorts, there is a great selection available including all sorts of different styles, colours and fittings. Whether you need standard shorts for boys that are keen on football or running or perhaps a pair of boys shorts for the young men who are fashion conscious and like to stand out amongst the crowd, there are a galaxy of options to choose from. Materials such as velour, cotton and nylon give different textures and appearances and clothing manufacturers are starting to design good quality, fashionable teen boys shorts that even the hardest to please young lads will be happy with. Whatever you are looking for, there will be a pair of shorts to suit your price range, style preferences and material choices.

Sweat Shorts With Sphinx Logo

Kids growing over the years means that by the time summer comes around you will probably need to buy boys shorts again to make sure they fit. These super stylish teen boys shorts feature a striking sphinx logo and are made from soft material that is perfect for playing out, taking part in sports or even just relaxing around the house. Check out all of the views on the page to see them from different angles. Used as part of a sport kit or perhaps just casual everyday wear for the warmer months, these boys shorts have an unfinished look that sets them apart from many of the other styles that are available at the moment. If your child has outgrown their last pair or you just need a new pair of boys shorts, UK parents will love the quality and style on offer here. Fashion doesn't just have to be for adults and unlike many boys shorts that are on the market today, the trendy, unfinished hemming on this pair really makes them stand out amongst the competition.

Velour Shorts With Logo

With an elasticated waistband and the well-known toro logo on the left leg, these comfortable velour shorts for boys are ideal for any time of the year. Worn indoors for relaxing or at bed time during the colder years or used as every day wear for when the weather is warm, kids will love the mixture of super relaxed fit and classic street style. Whatever your views on velour, the material used here is of an excellent quality and makes these teen boys shorts a great buy. Children and teenagers can be very particular when it comes to choosing the clothes they will wear, especially when it comes to wearing things to school or college. If you are looking to buy shorts for boys that will make a fashion statement and look good on even the most discerning of young people, these velour shorts could be just the thing for you.

Choosing the right shorts:


The first thing you will need to consider when buying boys shorts is the size your child requires. As you are no doubt aware, children can grow very quickly and sometimes quite unpredictably, so ensuring that you find the right fitting is essential. Measuring around the waist should give you a rough idea of the size of boys shorts you will need. It can also be helpful to measure the legs, though this is less important for most types of shorts. Some types of fitted shorts have a specific waist measurement like trousers do, though many of them, especially those with drawstrings and elasticated waists will be divided into the standard, small, medium or large categories.


When it comes to boys shorts, cheap doesn't always mean better. Though it is possible to pick up a great bargain, beware of products that seem unusually low in price, especially if they are brand named or well-known labels as they can sometimes be fakes. Manufacturing quality can also be an issue when the price point for boys shorts is too low. Checking the type of material used and looking for details about the company who produced the product can be a helpful way of working out if the pair of shorts for boys you are looking at is really a bargain or something to be avoided.


Kids are more style conscious now than they ever were and its important that parents and carers know this. Though not everybody needs designer labels or big name brands, having a cool graphic or a logo on a well-manufactured pair of heavy cotton boys shorts can make a big difference. Teen boys shorts that look genuinely fashionable and stylish will be something most young men are happy to be seen out and about in, whereas as boring pair of plain shorts are probably better suited for indoor use or as very casual wear. Longer shorts are often popular among those with a slightly alternative fashion sense and many celebrities and musician wear this style on stage or in public. Shorter shorts are often better suited to things like cycling or football, though some people also like the way they look. This style can be particularly good during heat waves or periods of warm weather.


Consider what the kids will be doing when they are wearing their shorts and this will help you decide which is the best material for you to choose. If they are going to be used in things like P.E lessons or for sporting activities, a wipe clean, breathable nylon style fabric may be the best option as they are easy to wash and are designed to allow the body to stay relatively cool while moving around. If comfort is your main priority, cotton can be a good option as it is unlikely to cause chafing, even during prolonged wear. Many boys shorts can be used as pyjama bottoms on hot evenings or as an alternative to long trousers when the weather is nice. Sitting in the garden or going out on a bike ride with friends can be more comfortable in breathable cotton than in something like tracksuit bottoms or jeans.

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