• Well-being Tips and Mood Boosters for Teens and Tweens

    Well-being Tips and Mood Boosters  for Teens and Tweens

    Going back to school

    can be exciting, scary, fun and stressful all at the same time! We’ve caught up with life-coach and wellbeing expert, Kim Millich, for her top tips on relaxation methods for teens, beating back-to-school blues and how to stay Zen through the chaos.

    The Power of the Breath

    Taking slow breaths can really help you feel calmer in any situation (just three slow breaths can make a difference!) Stop and breathe. In through the nose and out through the mouth. With every exhale imagine breathing out any tension, sadness or overwhelm. You will feel lighter with every breath. It can be done anywhere and does not need to take long! Notice signs in your body when you are feeling worked up or angry, such as clammy hands, fast breathing, clenched fists and start breathing. Focusing on your breathing will distract you from your thoughts and offer you time to calm down.

    Go outdoors and try a mindful activity

    A change of scenery can really help when feeling stressed or emotional. Even if the idea is unappealing – encourage yourself to go outside for a walk. Being out in nature in the fresh air can be very therapeutic. If you find your mind is wondering and your thoughts are making you sad and stressed try 3,2,1. 

     What 3 things can you see? 

     What 2 things can you hear? 

     What 1 thing can you taste? 

     This helps distract your mind from your thoughts and allows you to be present in the moment.

    Choose a happy place 

    This is a great tool when everything feels too much and you’re tired and emotional. Choose a ‘happy place’. Having a happy, safe place where you can relax and feel good is really beneficial. A place which is easy to get to and appealing to go. It could be a place in your bedroom, in the garden or somewhere in a local park.  For example: a chair in your bedroom in the corner of your room, where you have a soft pillow and magazines! I have a park bench in my local park where I like to go to escape from the busyness of life and just stop and be.

    Use Calming and Uplifting essential oils

    Pure essential oils have calming and uplifting properties. Meaning they can help when feeling anxious or having trouble falling asleep. They can be used as a roll on, diffused in a diffuser or  by adding drops in a running bath! Great oils for calming are: lavender, ylang ylang, roman chamomile, patchouli and sandalwood Great oils for a ‘feel good’ boost are: wild orange, frankincense, evening primrose oil, geranium and peppermint

    Try a mindful activity to help switch off from the world

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    This can be going for a walk, drawing or listening to a mindfulness app where you get to sit or lie down and relax. Great apps are: Insight Timer, Headspace and Calm. Or join one of my online Calmer Me Relaxation classes 😊

    Hang around people that make you feel good

    Be friends with people who make you feel good and like you for you!

    Positive Affirmations:

    Choose a few positive statements that make you feel good and put a smile on your face. Place them in places you can see regularly like by your bed, on your bathroom mirror, saved on your phone. Reading positive statements helps rewire your brain to think more positively! 

    Some examples are:

    “I can only do my best” 

     “I’m enough” 

     “ I am strong” 

     “I am worthy” 

     “ I am safe and loved” 

     “ I accept myself and my flaws” 

     “I deserve happiness” 

     Or you may think of one you like.



    Have a good brain dump!


    If you find you’re having lots of negative thoughts and worries playing around in then this tool is a good one for you. 

    Keep a notebook and pen by your bed. 

    Make a note of all the things that are bothering you or making you feel sad or anxious.  

    It can be sentence or even words. Just let whatever your feeling flow down on the paper.  

    Ask yourself. Is there anything else on my mind? This can act as a good prompt to write down more thoughts still lingering in your head. 

    The process of writing down all your thoughts is a great way of putting the load in your head on the paper so you feel lighter! A great thing to do before bed to help aide sleep. 

    Sometime the worries in your head are not as big as they ‘feel’ when you write them down but if there are things written down that are really bringing you down, ask yourself: Is this something I can control or not. Don’t drain your energy on things you can’t control. Focus on the things you can. Ask yourself: What can I do to help with this? Eg speak to a teacher, have a chat with a friend. Is it true? 

     Our minds can be filled with lots of negative thoughts, which are very convincing. BUT often the thoughts are not true, just an ‘assumption’ or an exaggerated version of the reality. 

    Ask yourself: Is this a fact? 

    Ask For Help

    If you’re often feeling anxious or overwhelmed, speak to a parent, teacher or professional. There’s help out there for everyone. You deserve to be happy and feel good. Talking to someone can be so helpful in rationalising your thoughts and having a plan on what actions to take to feel better! https://www.facebook.com/kimmilichlifecoach/ https://Instagram.com/kimmilichlifecoach www.kimmilich.com    

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