• Return of the Y2K

    Return of the Y2K - TeenzShop
    Teenagers are catching on and eye-ing up their mother’s fashion faux-pas of the naughties. The millenium brought the lowest cut jeans back into the cupboard and now they are back again. Straight across the waist and straighter in the leg. Low-rise and wide leg, Low-rise and boot-cut. Basically...Low rise and anything!
    Then there is the return of the velour tracksuit. Comfy, cozy cool reminiscent of Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie Days. Britney was also a big Juicy Couture fan along with Pamela Anderson. Snug zip up velour hoodies with low rise boot-cut tracksuit bottoms for every day wearing. We salut the return! Welcome back baby!

    Now we can’t forget the accessories can we? Nylon colorful shoulder bags in the style of Prada are definitely the mud-have bag.

    And to top of off.... the scrunchie! Dress your bun in a bundle of fun. And boy did we make it fun. We’ve hidden a little zipper pocket in it for the house key or a little bit of cash for safe keeping.

    YTK .... Hooray!

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