90’s Calling

Maria Brown

Posted on April 02 2019

90’s Calling
What goes around..
Comes around and 90’s fashion is back with a bang.
Beverly Hills 90210 is the trend setter for what teenagers should be wearing. Lighter jeans, oversized denim jackets, ribbed crop tops, mom jeans, combat boots, band T’s.... all back.
The spice girls are about to go back on tour! And Clueless dresses hot in the runway.
Teenzshop Clueless Dress

The ultimate 90’s It Girls- Alicia Silverstone, Winona Ryder, Selma Blair, Sofia Coppola, Shanon Doherty all rocked 90s denim in style.

Denim jackets over printed dresses and jumpsuits
Girls Beige Clueless Dress
Girls Polka Dot Playsuit 
Girls Black Polka Dot Playsuit
Girls Pink Trucker Jacket
Girls Pink Trucker Jacket
Girls Band Chic T-Shirt
Girls Band Chic T-Shirt
Girls Frilled Mini Skirt
Tartan Frilled Mini Skirt
And the 90s Boys on every teen Girl’s bedroom walls were- Johnny Depp, Jason Priestly, Luke Perry, Matt Dillon, John Cusack.
The jackets were shorter and more oversized
Boys blue Denim Trucker Jacket
Boys Denim Trucker Jacket
Boys Orange Eternal knot T-Shirt
Boys Elastic Denim Bomber Jacket
Boys Denim 80's Elasticated Bomber Jacket
Boys Multi toro T-Shirt
Multi Colour Front Logo T-Shirt
Boys Red chief T-Shirt
Boys Red Chieftain T-Shirt
And the bracelets were on and stacked
Black Skull Bracelet
Black Skull Bracelet
Blue Lapis Bracelet
Blue Lapis Bracelet
Tigers Eye Bracelet
Tiger Eye Skull Bracelet
All the 90s sports brands are reviving -
Champion, Fila, Tommy Hilfiger and the big brands now spending more on Licensing brand names reminiscent of the 90s like Coca-Cola and Nintendo.
Levi’s is now on all our radar as being completely in the moment- even teaming with Hailey Baldwin... Madame Bieber for their latest Collab.
We are just waiting now for the boys floppy haircuts to come back ..

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